dr fofaiel elsonbaty dvm at wood buffalo small animal hospital

Dr. Rofaiel Elsonbaty, DVM

Passionate about delivering exceptional animal care with a focus on their well-being, I am dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each pet I encounter. Through clear communication and a commitment to transparency, I strive to ensure that pet owners understand every aspect of their companion’s care journey.

With a deep interest in veterinary internal medicine, preventive healthcare, and advanced treatment modalities including surgery, I am driven to provide comprehensive solutions that promote the happiness and longevity of every animal under my care.

Originally from Cairo, Egypt, I embarked on my veterinary journey at Cairo University, where I earned my BSC in Veterinary Medicine in 2004. In 2018, I relocated to Canada, where I immersed myself in the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. After obtaining my equivalence from the Canadian Veterinary Board in 2023, I fulfilled all requirements to practice as a DVM in Canada.

Now proudly settled in Quebec, I have embraced the region’s rich culture and picturesque landscapes. It is here, in the heart of this vibrant community, that I have chosen to establish my practice at Hopital Veterinaire Chelsea.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I cherish moments spent with my beloved family, exploring new destinations, and indulging in the beauty of music. My journey is one of dedication to the well-being of animals and the enrichment of their lives, guided by a genuine passion for veterinary medicine.